Crystal Palace

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Crystal Palace, 2018. MDF, plexiglass, construction fittings, LED ribbon, 450 x 300 x 90 cm

The object “Crystal Palace” consists of two elements: a model of the recently destroyed building of VDNH (Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy) and construction fittings inserted into the model. The Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy was built in 1968 as an exhibitionary complex, representing the view of scientific, technical, agricultural and cultural achievements of the BSSR (Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic). In 2017 the pavilion was completely destroyed, and the land was sold to investors: biting irony on the modernist rejection of tradition and the past. In the Hramovich’s artwork the building becomes display with no entrance, which exhibits either “contemporary sculpture”, or piece of armature of the ruined pavillion.