I Found Your Broken Signs

Found objects. Neons, 160х150 сm / 140х150 сm 

"I found your broken signs" sounds like a line from a poem from the 60s and 70s. In fact, this is a direct reference to the material of the story. This is a reference to the signs of the 80s from households, which signify communication: a letter, a tube, a pharmacy sign - all embodying the sign of Hermes, also interpreted as a symbol of reconciliation and closeness. Found and relocated objects take on a different meaning, reconstructing lost connections in a new place. The signs have descended to human level, where we can distinguish an old rusted metal box amidst the world of new neon lights - an easy way to observe the erosion of history and connect with it.

Installation (Kastrychnitskaya street 19, Ў Gallery Courtyard). Urban Festival Vulica Brazil. Minsk, Belarus 

Curator: Mila Kotka  

Photos by Lesia Pcholka