Born in 1989, Belarus
Currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany


Graduated from the Gymnasium-College of Arts named I. O. Akhremchik in Minsk, Belarus (2009) and the graphics arts department of the Belarusian State Academy of Arts in Minsk, Belarus (2015). Member of the Problem Collective since 2016. Works with installations, graphics and video.

I see materials such as concrete, granite, metal, paper and paint not just as surfaces that history leaves its imprint on but as agents that themselves deform history. In my artistic practice, I draws on the history of modernist art and architecture, the history of ideology and political movements, and the transformation of the urban space in Minsk (Belarus). I interested in the tension between the past and the present and studies monuments and rituals of memory that are overloaded with ideological meanings and embodied in material objects.

Personal exhibitions:


Let's drink for those Who failed! Brno House of Arts, Brno, Chech


Holding a Hedgehog with your bare Hands. Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria


When the rocks are uphill, the cannonballs are off the road. Gallery of Contemporary Art Ў. Minsk, Belarus. 
Curated by Aleksei Borisionok


Resistance of the material. Brzuch Centrum Trawienia Wizji, Wroclaw, Poland.
Curated by Magdalena Skowrońska

Curatorial project:


Sometimes I hold onto the air. Galerie im Körnerpark. Berlin, Germany. 
Co-curator with Katharina von Hagenow and Paulina Olszewska


Keep to the white-black line. Gennady Grak. Gallery of Contemporary Art Ў, Minsk, Belarus

Selected exhibitions and events: 


Biennale Matter of Art. The National Gallery. Prague, Czech Republic.
Сurators: Katalin Erdődi, Aleksei Borisionok

We’ll Hold a Wedding on Your Graves. Beyond VEHA Photographic Archive.         
Pop Up. Copenhagen, Denmark.
Curator: Vera Zalutskaya


L'horloge à répétition (The repeating clock). The Left Place, The Right Place. Reims, France. 
Curator: Patricia Couvet

Ersatz. The SURVIVAL Art Review21. Wroclaw, Poland. 
Сurators: Michał Bieniek, Anna Kołodziejczyk, Małgorzata Miśniakiewicz, Ewa Pluta, Daniel Brożek

If Disrupted, It Becomes Tangible. Infrastructures and Solidarities beyond the post-Soviet Condition. National Gallery of Art. Vilnius, Lituania. 
Curators: Aleksei Borisionok, Antonina Stebur

ПРАЗ ПРАВА/BY LAW. Collaboration with Lesia Pcholka. The Emigration Museum in Gdynia. Gdynia, Poland. 
Curator: Maksymilian Bochenek

𝖭̶𝗂̶𝖼̶𝗁̶𝗍̶ Unser Krieg Videokunst in Solidarität mit der Ukraine. Platform WELTKUNSTZIMMER, Düsseldorf, Germany


In the meantime, midday comes around, Kunsthalle Wien. Vienna, Austria. (Problem Collective). 
Curator: What, How & for Whom / WHW (Ivet Ćurlin, Nataša Ilić and Sabina Sabolović)

MANIFESTA 14. Prishtina, Kosovo

GASTMODERNE, Das Rechenzentrum, Potsdam, Germany.
Curator: Oxana Gurinovich

Yiddishland Pavilion at the 59th Venice Biennale.
Curators: Maris Veits, Yevgeiy Fiks 

Odszkolnić! Gallery Arsenał, Białystok, Poland. (Problem Collective).
Curator: Katarzyna Różniak-Szabelska

АЗБУКА STRIKE! Pickle Bar, Berlin, Germany.
Curator: Patricia Couvet

VERSSchmuggel Belarus – Deutschland. Galerie Intershop. Leipzig, Germany. 
Curator: Louise Walleneit

When Red and White ain’t so Black and White. Sentiment, Zürich, Switzerland.
Curators: Slavs and Tatars


Information Boards. A Promise of Kneropy, Bratislava, Slovakia (Problem Collective)

UNLEARNING. Domie, Poznań, Poland.
Curators: Aleksei Borisionok, Raman Tratsiuk, Vera Zalutskaya

A Careful Strike*. ABF, Stockholm, Sweden (Problem Collective). 
Curator: Michele Masucci

SPRACTICING REVOLUTION: Short Film Programme. Sinima Transtopia, Berlin, Germany

CROP. Collaboration with artist Gleb Amankulov. WAF gallery. Vienna, Austria

Screams of the Silenced. The Grey Space in the Middle. Den Haag, The Hague, Netherlands

Cykl ADAPTACJE. MOS. Municipal Art Center. Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland.
Curators: Marta Gendera, Gustaw Nawrocki and Bartosz Nowak

Poetic Dissident. IoDeposito B#S Gallery. Treviso, Italy

Secret Museum of Workers Movement. Host. Vienna, Austria.
Curator: Aleksei Borisionok

Every Day. Art. Solidarity. Resistance. Mysteckiy Arsenal. Kyiv, Ukraine.
Curators: Aleksei Borisionok, Andrei Dureika, Marina Naprushkina, Sergey Shabohin, Antonina Stebur and Maxim Tyminko

Ommach to Zahar Kudin. Zala 2, Minsk, Belarus


Echoes. Voices from Belarus. Festival ECLAT, Stuttgart, Germany.
Curator: Christine Fischer

Faceless. KX Space. Brest, Belarus.
Curator: Lizaveta Mikhalchuk

Das Minsk. Gallery of Contemporary Art Ў, Minsk, Belarus.
Curators: Oxana Gurinovich, Uladzimir Hramovich

B.A.R. (Belarus. Art. Revolution). Berlin, Germany
Curator: Sergey Shabohin

Know Thy Neighbor. Oxygen. Tbilisi, Georgia.
Curator: Irena Popiashvili


Urban Festival Vulica Brazil. Minsk, Belarus
Curator: Mila Kotka

Pose, Subordination, Festivities and Hedgehogs. Apart Raum, Berlin, Germany. 
Curators: Slavs and Tatars


WORK HARD! PLAY HARD! Minsk, Belarus

WITH NO EXCEPTION! In process. Gallery of Contemporary Art Ў, Minsk, Belarus.
Curators: Anna Karpenko, Valentina Kiselyova, Lena Prents, Sophia Sadovskaya, Anna Chistoserdova, Mikhail Gulin and Eltaj Zeynalov


5 Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art, Odessa, Ukraine
Curator: Mikhail Rashkovetsky

WORK HARD! PLAY HARD! Minsk, Belarus


Talks about politics. Critical Art of Belarus of the 10th. DK Do it yourself, Moscow, Russia.                                                Curator: Aliaxey Talstou

Fair of Contemporary Art Art-Vilnius '16. LITEXPO, Vilnius, Lithuania
Curators: Anna Chistoserdova, Valentina Kiselyova


5 Land Art Festiwal Podlaski Przelom Bugu. Poland

Diploma. Gallery of Contemporary art Ў. Minsk, Belarus.
Curators: Aleksej Borisenok, Anton Barysenka, Tania Setsko, Sergey Shabohin


Replika. Gallery of Contemporary art Ў. Minsk, Belarus. 
Curator: Natalia Harachaja


Soram. Gallery Tseh, Minsk, Belarus

Structuring: fragments. Gallery of Contemporary art Ў. Minsk, Belarus. 
Curator: Natalia Harachaja

Awards and


Kardinal König Kunstpreis 2023, with Problem Collective



Q21. Vienna, Austria
WAF gallery. Vienna, Austria
Brno Artists in Residence. Brno, Czech Republic
Galeria Arsenal. Bialystok, Poland


Rotor. Vienna, Austria


Slavs and Tatars. Berlin, Germany